Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fantasy Speech

I’ve been tagged by cendawanintim.

Here the tag goes:


(I was like… what? A fantasy speech? What a big NO!)

But since I was tagged, I need to get it done anyway. Here the speech goes:

Hello everybody,

First of all I want you to know why are we having this meeting and why all staff has been called up for this meeting.

It’s just about an idea from me to implement in our Mc Donald restaurant. This idea will only be implemented in our branch, not others as this is my idea and I want to sell this idea if it works for us and other for sure want to be like us, get some big profit. So we will sell the idea and all of us will get the profit instead some benefits.

What I want to invent is something weird but realistic. I want to create a Mc Donald delivery car instead of old fashion motorbike. Other than that, I want to make a moving Mc Donald restaurant in Malaysia which takes a caravan as the moving vehicle. Isn’t it great? This will also give good opportunity to those who wants to join the franchise but lack of money. But the caravan is belonging to our branch still…

I hope we can implement this idea by the end of the year. I hope everybody keeps this as secret and smile always as we have good future ahead.

Others: Thank you boss and good luck :)

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