Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 peoples tag!

I've been tagged by Ted.

Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questionnaires underneath until you write the names of all 5 people. This is a lot funnier if you write the names randomly. No Cheating!!

1. Fazil

2. Yim

3. Nurin

4. Ong

5. Antonio

Question 1 : How do you meet 1?
Since I moved here in 1990. He was my childhood friend and best friend... but now I am not sure!

Question 2 : On the Scale of 1 - 10, how you rate your relationship with no 1?

Question 3 : How long have you known 4?
Since last year...

Question 4 : How do you know number 3?
She is a blogger

Question 5 : Where 5?
In KL sometimes in Singapore...

Question 6 : A Fact about number 1?
He is down to earth and very passive.

Question 7 : Who is no 4 going out with?
He told me someone... but I don't have any idea who.

Question 8 : Lost in copy paste kot.. Cece???

Question 9 : Would you live with number 3?
Yes but hopefully there is no debate till midnight!

Question 10 : What do you like about no 2?
Charming and smart

Question 11 : Do you miss number 5?

Question 12 : Would you make out with number 4?
Lol. Perhaps

Question 13 : What is your opinion of number 2?
Financial freedom and lucky for being able to go around the world!

Question 14 : What is your fave memory with number 5?
Ate so much foods at Nandos and end up he finished them all. Lol.

Question 15 : What would you do if number 1 going out with number 2?

Question 16 : Ever had a long conversation with number 5?.
Many times.

Question 17 : Have you ever slept at number 2’s house?
Never but I wish!

Question 18 : Do you hang out with number 3 often?

Question 19 : Who do you known the longest?.
Number 1

Question 20 : How often do you talk to number 1?
Used to talk everyday but as time goes by... since he is attached, no more.

Question 21 : What about number 2?
YM and text sometimes.

Question 22 : Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend?

Question 23 : May be you want to go out for a date with number 5?
I dated him in JB. Ok?

Question 24 : Do you dream about number 2?
Hahaha... *evil grin*

Question 25 : What did number 4 did to you that you never forget?
Asked me a question "Are you Chinese?"

Question 26 : What have you done to number 1 that He never forget?
We watched porn together when we were 16.

Question 27 : What is number 3’s hobby?

Question 28 : Who do u want to tag?
TSS and Nurin

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