Friday, September 19, 2008

Why I choose this title for my blog?

I have been tagged by Abir.

"Terangkan pasal nama dan description yang anda beri pada blog anda."

Name & Description:
Life is too short to be ordinary...
More people regret about thing they should do in the past than regret about thing they have done

Life is just simply too short for us to be ordinary. I got this when reading some finance books. Yes I said "some" since I read a lot about finance and those books really help me a lot to bring me up as I am today (I know I am not a millionaire "yet"). I don't agree to some people who says that happiness can be obtained without wealth which for me it's unacceptable. Can you be happy when you are not financially freedom, debts around you (doesn't matter it with banks or worse with friends!) and you can't go anywhere alone or with family to a place you want to go. Is that a real happiness? I doubt. We can achieve what we want as long as we know what we do. When I mention about "what we do", this include live below our mean (if you can afford a BMW why don't buy a Honda Accord and you have plenty to save for your rainy days still!) and spend only on necessary items. I believe everyone wants to be rich but it's just the matter of how we set our focus and how we plan to achieve it.

The description explains about we as human being, always regret about things that we don't do rather than we do. As example, we regret about our little saving which we should save since long time ago rather than regret that we have saved too much. We regret about we should do mountain climbing when we were young rather than regret we have climbed the mountain and we didn't manage to finish it. Get what I mean? :)

What about you?


aBiR aBhAr said...

owh.. faham2..

Faisal Admar said...

Hehe pretty complicated kan? :)