Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A - Z facts about ME!

I have this tag from Bluecrystaldude. It's kinda long tag and you need to list out the A to Z facts about yourself. I hope you will get to know me better after reading this post.

  1. I love Apple :) This include the fruit and the gadgets
  2. My heaven is a good comfortable Bed.
  3. I have 2 Cats.
  4. I won't go out without my Deodorant!
  5. Dad wanted me to be an Engineer but end up I want to build my own business.
  6. I always want to help people in the world who is seeking for formula of Financial freedom.
  7. I love cool Gadgets but hardly get one as it is not necessary.
  8. I hate History when I was in secondary school but now start to like it for a reason.
  9. I love Chocolate Indulgence by Secret Recipe!
  10. Love Juice especially watermelon.
  11. I am a good Kisser!
  12. I believe that Love is in the air...
  13. The only bank that I trust is Maybank
  14. Both of my sisters' name start with N
  15. Onion ring is yummy!
  16. I live in Penang
  17. I believe in Al-Quran
  18. Rome is one of my dream places to go!
  19. I love Sex? =p
  20. I love Traveling but hate packing.
  21. I don't let my "hairs" Untrimmed
  22. I'm seeking for Virgin. Lol.
  23. Warren Buffett is my idol!
  24. Some people think that I look alike with one of the XXRay actor, forgot his name but start with Q.
  25. I love Yogurt and doc always ask me to eat more for my sensitive stomach!
  26. I love Zoo!

As this is a tag, all readers here! Do your job haha!

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